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For less than the price of a one-year subscription to EWR, you can get the War Briefing Package and all the unique ideas it provides. Simply fill in the order form or call 1-800-509-5400 or fax 1-602-943-2363 to order your War Briefing Package and receive this very special pricing. Don't wait, call today.
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New to EWR? Learn economics, history, finance and law, with these three short books and a 1-Year subscription to EWR plus Bonus Materials!
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  War Briefing Package

Victory in the Mideast Would Not Be the End of the War
— Just the End of the Beginning

This is the Third World War. It Will Affect the Economy and Your Investments for Decades

While the mainstream media and most of the rest of the population have their heads in the sand about the fact that we have entered a war economy, and what it means, subscribers to EWR have been reading about the coming world war and profiting from it since 1996.

So you can understand the history behind this war, and why we are in a war economy, we have put together The Special World War Briefing Package.

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In the World War Briefing Package you will receive:

 A One-Year Subscription to EWR (10 issues), a $300 value.
 REPORT: Will Your Son or Daughter Be Drafted?
      What You can Do About It Right Now
, a $20.00 value.
 REPORT: Nuclear, Chemical & Biological Terrorism, a $20.00 value.
 Chaostan The Full Story, a $20.00 value.
 Getting Started — Your Strategic Plan, a $35.00 value.
 The Thousand Year War in the Mideast, BOOK, a $17.95 value.
World War I, The Rest of The Story, BOOK, a $17.95 value.
World War II, The Rest of The Story, BOOK, a $19.95 value.
Shipping and handling of books included — normally $10.95.
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cover of Uncle Eric book The Thousand Year War To gain the best understanding of how we got into this third world war and where it is likely to lead, please read the three war books in this order:
The Thousand Year War in the Mideast  
World War I The Rest of The Story  
World War II The Rest of the Story  

Published in 1999, "The Thousand Year War" must be one of the most clairvoyant books ever written. It gives you the big picture and full story of the ten century war between the Islamic World and Christian West. This book contains 34 maps and helps you understand what is happening in the Mideast and why the coming oil war will effect investment markets around the globe. cover of uncle eric book World War One

In "World War I The Rest Of The Story" and "World War II The Rest of the Story," read why the explosion of the battleship Maine in Havana Harbor in 1898 was the beginning of a chain reaction that eventually destroyed the World Trade Center in 2001. An unbroken line leads directly from the Spanish-American War through World War I, World War II, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the Iraq-Kuwait War and now to the present world war. Unlike other books written about the wars, Mr. Maybury focuses on ideas and effects, not combat and carnage.

cover of uncle eric book World War Two In his article about the draft, "Will Your Son or Daughter Be Drafted?" Richard Maybury talks about the chances your children could be drafted and what you can do about it immediately. Must reading for anyone with children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or friends who could be draft eligible.

In his report "Nuclear, Chemical & Biological Terrorism — How Serious is the Threat, and What Should You Do About It?" Mr. Maybury's logical and analytical approach to this problem adds clarity and calm to the turmoil we face today. Knowledge is power, and after reading this report you will be well informed about the steps you should take to protect yourself, your family, and property in the months ahead.

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For less than the price of a one year subscription to EWR, you can order this Special World War Briefing Package, including a one year subscription to EWR, the draft report, and emergency precautions report, "Chaostan The Full Story", "Getting Started — Your Strategic Plan", and three important war books. Fill in the order form or call now 1-800-509-5400 or fax 1-602-943-2363 to order the War Briefing Package and receive this special pricing. Don't wait, order now.

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Orders outside U.S.:
We are sorry, but due to the difficulties in mailing books internationally, this offer does not apply to orders outside the U.S.. However, you can still order a basic subscription to Early Warning Report here. Please note that non-US subscriptions are delivered digitally via email only.  Credit card orders only, no checks or money orders. Order on-line or phone 1-602-870-9329.

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